Sep 18, 2021 05:00 PM

Weekly Must-Read: The Rapid Fall of China’s Most Famous Corporate Raider

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# Cover Story #

The Rapid Fall of China’s Most Famous Corporate Raider

Since the failed Vanke bid, Baoneng Investment Group is now $31 billion in debt after forays into cars and mobile phones fell short

# Business #

Caixin Explains: What’s at Stake in the Massive Unigroup Restructuring

Bidders for the $46 billion business with a prominent role in China’s chipmaking ambitions include SOEs from Guangdong, Beijing and Wuxi, plus Alibaba

Exclusive: Alibaba’s Philanthropic Head Talks ‘Common Prosperity’ Plans

Former Ant CEO Hu Xiaoming lays out how Alibaba will invest $15.5 billion over five years ‘on making a bigger pie’ for China

Meituan Offers Glimpse Into How Takeout Delivery Times Are Set

Meituan has revealed how it sets delivery times for its takeout drivers, amid criticism that unrealistic deadlines force them into risky behavior


In Depth: Plight of China’s Gig Workers Poses Policymaking Dilemma

# Economy #

In Depth: The Never-Ending Battle to Curb China’s Hidden Debt

Lenders ordered to close loopholes that are allowing local governments and their financing vehicles to skirt borrowing limits

In Depth: What’s Standing in the Way of ‘Common Prosperity’?

Academics debate how China’s wealth inequality can be addressed, from tinkering with markets to adjusting government redistribution


Emphasis on Common Prosperity Encapsulates Major Shifts in China’s Development Philosophy

# Finance #

In Depth: China Tries to Calm Skittish Investors Amid ‘Regulatory Storm’

After sweeping rule changes sank shares in industries from after-school tutoring to big tech, some investors have cried foul and nearly everyone is pushing for more predictability

Five Things to Know About the New Cross-Border Wealth Connect Program

Starting Oct. 10, trial program will give residents the chance to invest in wealth management products across the Greater Bay Area

# Opinion #

Why China-U.S. Relations May Be Showing Signs of Thawing

As Xi and Biden speak for a second time this year, it’s clear that America needs China in confronting climate change and post-Afghanistan realities

# China #

Declining Birthrates Have Left Beijing Kindergartens Without Enough Students

Many Chinese kindergartens, mostly privately run, are facing difficulties in enrolling enough students as fewer babies have been born in recent years

# World #

In Depth: Chinese Migrants’ Long Way Back From Scammer Havens in Myanmar

Many Chinese migrants crossed the border illegally, often to engage in telecom and online fraud. China wants them back

# Gallery #

Typhoon Darkens East China Skies


# Weekend Long Read #

What Does China’s Consumption Slowdown Mean for the Economy?

Growth in consumer spending has been declining in recent months, posing a risk of an economic slowdown in the second half of the year

# Podcast #

Too Big to Fail? Evergrande’s Dilemma

Troubled property giant grapples with a $300 billion mountain of debt; Canada Goose falls ‘a-fowl’ of Beijing for allegedly deceiving shoppers; and Alibaba to spend $15.5 billion on philanthropy over five years

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