Mastercard Caixin BBD NEI

The Mastercard Caixin BBD China New Economy Index (NEI), launched in March 2016 and released since on a monthly basis, measures the share of nascent industries driven by technology and talent in the Chinese economy. By focusing on these sectors instead of resource- and labor-intensive industries, the NEI helps track the pace of structural transition in the economy.

The index covers more than 140 industries in 10 major categories of manufacturing and services sectors in China, including energy conservation and environment protection, renewable energy, information technology and service, biological medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, and financial and legal services.

It tracks the ratio of inputs of labor, capital and technology in these industries to those in the overall economy. The sub-indexes of labor, capital and technology account for 40%, 35% and 25% of the total weight of the NEI, respectively.

The NEI index is based on analysis of publicly available data online about information on job recruitment, newly registered companies, venture capital investment, patent transfers, etc.

The index is compiled by Caixin Insight Group, the financial data and analysis platform of Caixin Media, and big data research firm BBD, in collaboration with the National Development School of Peking University. It is sponsored by leading global payments service provider Mastercard.

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