ZTE Sanctioned

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Telecom equipment maker falls foul of Washington again, after failing to follow through on agreement to discipline employees who sold products to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions.

ZTE Hit by 7-Year U.S. Ban on Tech Exports

Telecom equipment company is accused of making false statements in last year’s settlement for violating U.S. sanction laws

05 09, 2020 10:00 上午

Inside China’s Black Market for Foster Children

On Chinese social networks, users are quietly selling kids for cash. But a recent child abuse scandal has thrown the illegal trade into the spotlight

04 26, 2020 21:50 下午

Huawei, ZTE Snap Up More 5G Construction Contracts From Chinese Carriers

Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson also wins tenders as network providers move ahead with next-generation infrastructure build-out

04 23, 2020 13:36 下午

Shunned by U.S., Huawei Winning China’s $170 Billion 5G Race

Since start of 2020, the tech giant has secured $4 billion worth of 5G equipment orders from the country’s largest carrier, China Mobile

04 10, 2020 22:11 下午

Caixin Business Digest: Global Deaths Top 100,000; IMF Warns of Worst Impact Since Great Depression

The U.K. reports its highest daily fatalities at 980; deaths in New York decline slightly; Apple, Google to collaborate on Covid-19 tracing

04 09, 2020 21:40 下午

In Depth: China’s Remote Office Platforms See Boom During Outbreak

Apps that allow people to work from home have enjoyed explosive growth — and increasingly cutthroat competition

04 01, 2020 21:00 下午

Huawei and ZTE Win Contracts to Build 200,000 5G Base Stations

Results of state-owned China Mobile’s tender show home market could be safe haven for embattled telecom firms

03 18, 2020 16:22 下午

How China’s Chip Industry Defied the Coronavirus Lockdown

Beijing bent Wuhan quarantine rules in a high-stakes bid for tech self-sufficiency

02 25, 2020 14:55 下午

Intel Debuts 5G Base Station Chips as Alternative to Huawei

U.S. chipmaker teams up with Ericsson to grab 40% of the market

02 20, 2020 19:25 下午

Huawei Weighs Further Legal Action After U.S. Lawsuit Dismissal

Judge rules against telecoms giant’s claim that congressional act banning federal agencies from buying Huawei products was unconstitutional

02 19, 2020 13:51 下午

Trump Rebukes His Hardliners, Blocks Curbs on China Sales

‘We don’t want to make it impossible to do business with us,’ the president tweeted

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