40 Years of Reform

China 40 Years of Reform News - Caixin Global

Looking back at how China started to look to the outside world, gradually broke away from a Soviet-style planned economy and embraced the market since 1978

How the Compass Used to Steer China’s Reforms First Took Form on a Boat in 1985

The first installment in a five-part series about the economists behind China’s reform

07 03, 2020 20:35 PM

Opinion: China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: In or out?

When President Trump closed the door on U.S. participation in the trade pact, he created an opportunity for China to reshape Asian economic integration

07 02, 2020 17:22 PM

Opinion: Hainan Will Be Its Own Thing, Not Another Hong Kong

Discount e-commerce specialist’s rapid rise is built on strategy of targeting less-affluent consumers with strong social elements like group buying and games

06 29, 2020 19:48 PM

Editorial: Despite Disagreements, There's Still Plenty of Room for Sino-U.S. Cooperation

For Beijing, the best policy response to a quarrelsome Washington is to continue deepening reform and expanding opening, while actively promoting multilateralism

06 25, 2020 07:17 AM

China Sharply Narrows 2020 Foreign Investment Negative List

Restricted categories will be cut to 33 from 40 as sectors being opened to foreign participation include water supply and drainage networks, air traffic control and civil airports

06 24, 2020 05:02 AM

Update: Cross-Border Cooperation Is Key to Fighting Securities Fraud, CSRC Chief Says

Yi Huiman tells Caixin regulatory collaboration depends on whether U.S. really wants resolution and declares that Hong Kong isn’t just China’s but is ‘the world’s Hong Kong’

06 19, 2020 13:59 PM

Caixin Summer Summit 2020: Restoring Global Confidence (Video)

The Caixin Summer Summit is Caixin’s mid-year conference, held this year to pro-mote international cooperation, support each other during this difficult time and share opportunities for future cooperation.(Jun 21)

06 15, 2020 16:29 PM

Editorial: Solid Systematic Foundation Key to Creating Hainan’s Free Trade Port

Policymakers shouldn’t be hasty in creating the systems that will underpin this major economic reform

06 09, 2020 19:58 PM

Revenues Fall by Half for 37 Listed Chinese Brokerages

GF Securities and Southwest Securities were the only two to report a rise in profits last month

06 08, 2020 20:00 PM

Editorial: China Can and Should Join Asia-Pacific’s Largest Free-Trade Pact

Now that the country’s leadership has expressed its openness to the CPTPP, the country ought to begin the negotiation process at the earliest possible opportunity

06 08, 2020 05:29 AM

Cover Story: How George Floyd Protests Expose America’s Systemic Racism

A half-century after Civil Rights legislation officially outlawed racial discrimination, continued police violence against black people ignites widespread protests and demands for social justice

06 04, 2020 13:54 PM

Caixin Insight: New Infrastructure and Old Street Stalls

Hainan free trade zone; Caixin economic indexes; new infrastructure; street-stall economy; moderate prosperity

06 02, 2020 21:01 PM

China Unveils Plan to Transform Its Hawaiian Paradise

Forget the golden beaches and coconuts, Hainan island is destined for a new role as an international free trade port

05 25, 2020 16:55 PM

Editorial: For a Pandemic-Battered Economy, Reform Is the Answer

This year’s government work report recognizes that China’s market systems are not yet comprehensive enough and efforts to foster markets remain inadequate

05 19, 2020 04:19 AM

China Vows More Tariff Cuts, Broader Opening in Restructuring Agenda

Sweeping reform document promises wider and easier access to more sectors for foreign investors as legislature finally convenes post-pandemic

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