China-U.S. Rivalry

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China and the United States, the world's two largest economies, have been engaging in a tense competition for geopolitical, economic and tech supremacy.

Wang Jisi: How China and the U.S. Can Prevent Further Damage From Their Mutual Distrust

For talk to bear fruit, it is essential that both sides first work harder to understand each other’s mindset

04 17, 2021 20:42 PM

Biden and Suga Pledge to Strengthen Alliance in Challenge to China

The meeting with the Japanese prime minister was the U.S. president’s first with a foreign leader since taking office

04 17, 2021 20:15 PM

In Depth: Stand-Up Comedians Cheer Up Chinese Audiences

Imported Western art form becomes wildly popular in online and live venues as satire and roasting give people something to laugh about

04 17, 2021 14:29 PM

China Criticizes U.S. on Climate as Xi Meets Merkel, Macron

U.S. is responsible for delaying the global achievement of key targets set down in the Paris Agreement, foreign minister says

04 17, 2021 11:32 AM

Weekend Long Read: Zhou Xiaochuan on the Key Questions Facing China’s Carbon Ambitions (Part 2)

Former central bank governor talks about carbon markets, containing risk and why reducing emissions won’t add to wealth

04 17, 2021 11:25 AM

China’s Internet Stocks Face More Pain, Top Global Investors Say

After a historic antitrust crackdown, the Hang Seng Tech Index has lost about a quarter of its value from a rout that began mid-February

04 17, 2021 01:05 AM

In Depth: How Tech Giants Will Reshape Carmaking

Growing demand for electric vehicles propels tech giants including Apple and Huawei to bet big on self-driving technologies

04 17, 2021 00:38 AM

China’s Feb. Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Hit Highest Since July 2019

China demand seen driven by influx of foreign cash as exports rise while pandemic recedes

04 16, 2021 20:00 PM

China’s Carbon Market Will Play Key Role in Climate Change Fight, PBOC Chief Says

Governor Yi Gang says the new emissions trading system must be a financial market that incentivizes the reduction of emissions

04 16, 2021 19:56 PM

Update: China’s Rapid GDP Growth Falls Short of Expectations

Economic recovery remained unbalanced in the first quarter as household demand lagged behind, some economists say

04 16, 2021 19:22 PM

Citigroup Exits Consumer Banking in China as Part of Global Pullback

Bank says it remains committed to the country, with plans to set up brokerage and futures companies

04 16, 2021 19:14 PM

China, South Korea Slam Japan’s Plan to Dump Radioactive Water Into Pacific

In a coordinated response, two nations call controversial measure ‘extremely selfish,’ saying it endangers neighboring countries and the international community

04 16, 2021 18:33 PM

Opinion: How Asian Nations Can Ensure Region’s Standout Recovery Lasts

Region’s economies must lay a foundation for a more inclusive, greener and resilient region

04 16, 2021 17:16 PM

Hong Hao: Chinese SOE Bonds’ Contagion Risk Is More About Perception Than Reality

Should the scale of defaults rise further, it would be a welcome change to the country’s credit market

04 16, 2021 15:04 PM

IMF’s Berger Warns China Tech Decoupling Would Hurt Global Economy

IMF research estimates that technological fragmentation could lead to losses of around 5% of GDP for many countries

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