China-U.S. Rivalry

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China and the United States, the world's two largest economies, have been engaging in a tense competition for geopolitical, economic and tech supremacy.

China Hopes U.S. Election Will Be ‘Smooth and Successful’

Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng tells press that he hopes the next administration will meet China ‘halfway’

01 26, 2021 09:35 AM

CX Daily: The Monumental Challenges Facing Biden

China will open a path for foreign investors to trade its hot high-tech board shares. A Chinese e-cigarette maker surges on its New York debut

01 26, 2021 08:32 AM

Hong Kong Approves Covid-19 Vaccine From Fosun and BioNTech

Emergency-use authorization clears producers to deliver 1 million doses in late February with 7.5 million on order

01 26, 2021 08:25 AM

Davos 2021: Xi Jinping Calls for ‘Consultation and Cooperation’ Over ‘Conflict and Confrontation’

President sees G-20 as ‘premier forum’ for coordination and calls for path of ‘peaceful coexistence’ of civilizations

01 26, 2021 08:18 AM

China's Pigs Become Unexpected Threat to Palm Oil Rally

Surge in imports of soybeans for hog feed means increased production of soy oil, reducing demand for palm oil

01 25, 2021 19:57 PM

Leading Chinese Drug Researcher Calls for Greater Transparency on China Vaccines

Limited publishing of clinical trial data by domestic Covid-19 vaccine developers suggests efficacy results vary widely, threatening to undermine public trust, says director of institute co-founded by the Gates Foundation

01 25, 2021 19:42 PM

Shares in E-Cigarette Maker RLX Surge on New York Debut

The company boasts a nearly two-thirds share of China’s fast-growing market for vaporizers

01 25, 2021 18:01 PM

Party Calls on Private Sector to Break U.S. Tech Blockade

‘National teams’ should be established to boost the foundation of basic research for scientific breakthroughs and inventions, top Communist Party theoretician says

01 25, 2021 17:34 PM

In Depth: Pandemic Demand, Smartphone Shuffle Put Squeeze on Global Chipmakers

A perfect storm of factors has sent the global semiconductor sector into its latest boom cycle, which comes even as the global economy struggles

01 25, 2021 15:39 PM

Editorial: Innovation Is China’s Only Path to High-Quality Growth

Such development is crucial to meeting the country’s most pressing challenges, such as stimulating consumption, improving income distribution and enhancing environmental protection

01 25, 2021 13:42 PM

Kuaishou Seeks $5.4 Billion in Biggest Tech IPO Since Uber

ByteDance rival is one of China’s biggest internet success stories of the past decade, part of a generation of startups that thrived with Tencent backing

01 25, 2021 13:39 PM

Chinese Discount Store Operator Miniso Launches Toy Shops

CEO says diversification is key to capturing demand from young shoppers

01 25, 2021 04:42 AM

Cover Story: The Monumental Challenges Facing Biden

President moves to reset the U.S. amid the world’s worst pandemic, deepening domestic fissures, fractured international relations and the global climate crisis

01 23, 2021 09:00 AM

Editor’s Picks: Sino-U.S. Ties Set for Reset? And a Real-Life Murder Thriller Transfixes China

Alibaba founder Jack Ma resurfaces after a three-month absence, and Prada brand ambassador gets trashed online after abandoning her two unborn surrogate children

01 23, 2021 07:00 AM

Kurt Campbell Speech: U.S. and China Should Be Able to Compete Stably

The Biden administration will re-orientate American foreign policy, work with allies around the globe and compete with China

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