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China is witnessing an exponential growth in carbon reduction effort and interest in ESG and sustainable investments. Caixin will bring you a timely update with insights on what is happening in the world’s second-largest economy on climate change, impact investing, green finance and more.

Key Questions Facing China’s Carbon Ambitions

Meeting the nation’s 2030/2060 goals for reducing carbon emissions will require a solid foundation of data, measurement and analysis so that there is a clear, quantifiable target, former central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan says.

08 12, 2022 18:24 PM

China Green Bulletin: Beijing Says Climate Talks Halt Is Washington’s Fault

China creates principles to streamline green bond market, government agencies expect industrial carbon emissions to peak by 2030 target

08 11, 2022 19:51 PM

China’s Climate Envoy Blames U.S. for Beijing’s Decision to Halt Climate Talks

Xie Zhenhua rejects U.S. counterpart John Kerry’s criticism of the move, which was made in response to Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, saying Washington is actually ‘fully responsible’

08 03, 2022 09:27 AM

CX Daily: China Debates Who Should Pay for Public Health Crises

Caixin’s New Economy Index rises on capital investment growth. China’s game approval list again leaves out Tencent and NetEase

08 02, 2022 21:17 PM

Analysis: Systemic Issues in China’s Fledgling Carbon Market Put Brakes on Expansion

Low profits and onerous reporting standards put stakeholders under pressure to ‘cook the books’

08 01, 2022 21:18 PM

China’s New Green Bond Standards Aim to Curb ‘Greenwashing’

The new guidelines could address the discrepancy in how the bonds are defined at home and abroad

07 29, 2022 17:29 PM

China Green Bulletin: Energy Security Clashes With Emissions Target

Nation plans to pilot advanced energy storage schemes, Shanghai and Guangzhou roll out local carbon policies

07 28, 2022 19:13 PM

In Depth: Getting the World Out of the Power Crisis

In the long, hot summer of 2022, energy security is colliding with emission reductions, driving a resurgence of coal and nuclear power generation

07 22, 2022 18:29 PM

China Green Bulletin: Poyang Lake Project Ignites Environmental Concerns

Beijing seeks to strengthen green cooperation with U.S., China to boost construction of EV charging stations on highways

07 22, 2022 04:02 AM

China Steps Up Approval of Coal Mining Projects to Secure Supply

Regulators clear 20 new projects to add 125 million tons of annual capacity as government shoots for 300 million-ton expansion

07 21, 2022 20:53 PM

Analysis: To Keep Risks at Bay, China, U.S. Resort to Frequent High-Profile Dialogues

Since early June, there have been six meetings of senior officials, showing willingness to rebuild lines of communication and manage frosty bilateral ties

07 15, 2022 15:58 PM

China Green Bulletin: Beijing Plans to Bolster Green Construction

Policymakers seek a better way to track ‘dual carbon’ goals, China to offer tax incentives for green development

07 12, 2022 20:58 PM

Tech Insider: Truck Bookers Hauled In, Cloud Firms’ Green Cred Ranked

New export rules for data to be implemented in September, Shanghai launches ‘metaverse’ plan

06 30, 2022 03:22 AM

Chinese Oil Giant Brings Forward Its Key Carbon Deadlines

CNOOC aims to top out greenhouse gas emissions by 2028 and hit net-zero by 2050 in acceleration of climate goals

06 29, 2022 21:12 PM

Four Things to Know About Chinese Policy Banks’ Extra $120 Billion for Infrastructure

China is pinning its hopes on an old playbook — government-led infrastructure investment — to lift its economy out of the doldrums

06 28, 2022 18:50 PM

Opinion: How China Could Address Its Green Finance Challenges

To further grow the business, China should align its definitions with international standards, expand the scope of carbon trading and incorporate more advanced risk modeling and management

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