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China is witnessing an exponential growth in carbon reduction effort and interest in ESG and sustainable investments. Caixin will bring you a timely update with insights on what is happening in the world’s second-largest economy on climate change, impact investing, green finance and more.

Key Questions Facing China’s Carbon Ambitions

Meeting the nation’s 2030/2060 goals for reducing carbon emissions will require a solid foundation of data, measurement and analysis so that there is a clear, quantifiable target, former central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan says.

03 27, 2023 18:27 PM

China Green Bulletin: Brutal Price War Is Reshaping China’s Auto Industry

Power sector gets a new carbon emission quota plan, drilling begins on China’s first offshore carbon dioxide storage well

03 27, 2023 16:53 PM

IMF Chief Urges China to Rebalance Economy Toward Consumption

The ‘strong rebound’ in China’s economy is important not only for itself, but for the world, says International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva

03 09, 2023 16:19 PM

Caixin China Green News Briefing: China’s Hunt for Strategic New Energy Minerals

Chinese companies are scouting the world for mining assets as the country’s booming new-energy vehicle industry has boosted demand for key metals used in electric-vehicle batteries. However, receding globalization, rising geopolitical conflicts and supply chain restructuring is throwing up road blocks for investing in overseas mining projects.

02 09, 2023 17:15 PM

China Green News Briefing: China Solar Silicon Producers Forecast Soaring 2022 Profits

The rising price of photovoltaic silicon might drive a more than threefold jump in 2022 profits for some of China’s top producers of the raw material used to make solar panels, according to recent company forecasts

02 08, 2023 18:26 PM

China Green News Briefing: The Best China ESG Stories We Read in 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we want to present you with an annual review of Caixin’s insight into China’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) developments

02 02, 2023 18:25 PM

China Green News Briefing: Ex-Central Bank Chief Dismisses Concerns of Multinationals’ ‘Greenwashing’

Zhou Xiaochuan says there’s no need to worry about big firms buying cheap carbon credits as global prices will level off eventually, preventing them from shirking their commitments

01 30, 2023 07:16 AM

Cover Story: The Vision of Singapore’s Next Prime Minister

Lawrence Wong sees himself as a ‘servant leader,’ he says. ‘My role is not just to lead, but to serve my country and my fellow citizens’

01 27, 2023 21:18 PM

In Depth: What’s in Store for Yuan Internationalization in 2023?

A program to encourage yuan-denominated share issuance in Hong Kong and the launch of a Swap Connect scheme for offshore institutional investors should help boost the currency’s popularity

12 29, 2022 15:10 PM

Smart Talks: Four Suggestions to Bridge the Policy Gap on Climate Change

On top of current pledges, we need more extensive measures to repair the damage caused by human beings and to mitigate future harm to the planet

12 29, 2022 04:58 AM

New Coal-Fired Electricity Plant Approvals Triple From 2021

In first 11 months this year, authorities clear 65 million kilowatts of coal-burning capacity, threatening to undermine climate goals, study finds

12 13, 2022 19:33 PM

Smart Talks: The Environmental Impact of International Students

The international student community has great potential to harness sustainable environmental solutions and tackle the climate crisis

12 10, 2022 19:02 PM

China Central Bank Official Calls for Orderly Carbon Reduction

Large financial institutions should take the lead in boosting awareness and capabilities in carbon accounting and environmental information disclosure

12 09, 2022 18:57 PM

Opinion: Is the World on the Brink of an Entirely New Era?

If we are in the early throes of a seismic shift, leaders must prepare to operate in a new world where their old assumptions no longer hold

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