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China is witnessing an exponential growth in carbon reduction effort and interest in ESG and sustainable investments. Caixin will bring you a timely update with insights on what is happening in the world’s second-largest economy on climate change, impact investing, green finance and more.

Key Questions Facing China’s Carbon Ambitions

Meeting the nation’s 2030/2060 goals for reducing carbon emissions will require a solid foundation of data, measurement and analysis so that there is a clear, quantifiable target, former central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan says.

05 10, 2021 08:14 AM

Cover Story: Is Global Inflation About to Take Off?

Copper-led surge in commodity prices sparks worries, but pandemic rebound may differ from ordinary recession recovery, economists say

05 08, 2021 09:30 AM

Weekend Long Briefing: What China’s Policymakers Said About Financial Opening and Carbon Neutrality at Boao

Views and insights from officials from the central bank, securities regulator and commerce ministry

05 07, 2021 20:45 PM

In Depth: Regulators Can’t Keep Up With China’s Growing Carbon Financing Market

County lacks clear, unified regulatory standards to guide financiers to the worthwhile projects and assess their carbon-reduction benefits

05 07, 2021 20:01 PM

Japan’s Largest Utility Open to Cooperating With China on Hydrogen Power, Executive Says

JERA President Satoshi Onoda says emerging Asian economies may find its carbon dioxide-free generation technology useful in decarbonizing their economies

05 07, 2021 19:58 PM

China’s Steelmakers Forced to Further Slim Down New Mills to Cut Emissions

New regulations mandate plants in areas with tough pollution controls be at least one-third smaller than the ones they’re replacing in bid to curb years of breakneck expansion

05 05, 2021 19:33 PM

Sinopec to Plow Cash Into Natural Gas as Climate Targets Loom

The Chinese state energy giant plans to double its LNG trading volume by 2025

05 05, 2021 14:20 PM

Opinion: How Chinese Tech Companies Can Rise to the Green Challenge

Green innovation can boost corporate reputation as well as creating economic value, Lenovo chief says

05 01, 2021 09:30 AM

Weekend Long Read: The Economics of China’s Carbon Neutrality Pledge (Part II)

The global endeavor to address climate change compels economists to carefully reevaluate the role of nature in their analytical framework so that they can properly price the cost of pollution

04 29, 2021 18:59 PM

Road to COP26: Balancing China’s Twin Economic and Climate Challenges

The country needs to address imbalances in its overall economy as well as in its energy system

04 29, 2021 18:00 PM

Caixin ESG Biweekly: Energy Storage, Carbon Futures and Climate Change Risks

China’s central bank pledged to incorporate climate change risks into its macroprudential policy framework. Regulators are pondering a carbon futures market

04 28, 2021 13:58 PM

Asia’s Climate Stocks Primed for Rebound, Money Managers Say

The euphoria surrounding green stocks after Biden’s election gave way earlier this year to concerns about excessive valuations

04 26, 2021 18:30 PM

China’s Green Energy Capacity Set to Top Coal by Year’s End

The world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter is expected to have installed about 1,120 GW based on renewable sources like solar and wind, exceeding the amount based on coal, oil and gas, official data show

04 26, 2021 15:14 PM

Editorial: Addressing Climate Change Can Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

China must seize this chance to push structural transformations and improve the quality of its development

04 24, 2021 15:08 PM

Chinese Steelmakers Fall Prey to Beijing’s Climate Target

Local officials order steelworks shutdowns to please central government

04 24, 2021 09:30 AM

Weekend Long Read: The Economics of China’s Carbon Neutrality Pledge (Part I)

Given the negative externality of carbon emissions and the positive externality of technological advances, intervention from public policies is essential to both emission control and technological development

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