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  • Dec 30, 2021 19:22 PM
    Gallery: Year in Pictures — Triumphs and Tragedies
    From recurring Covid-19 flare-ups that paralyzed cities to natural disasters that brought death and destruction, 2021 was a year that tested China. Amid all that gloom, there were also plenty of reasons to celebrate: victory over absolute poverty, landing on Mars, a gold medal fest at the Olympics, and a manned mission to space brought a sense of glory to the nation. Here are the snapshots
  • Dec 29, 2021 18:09 PM
    Gallery: Winter Fishing Begins in Famed Chagan Lake
    An annual festival was held Tuesday to mark the beginning of traditional winter fishing season in Chagan Lake, Northeast China’s Jilin province, where the presumably largest fish of the season was sold at auction for nearly 3 million yuan. Each year at the end of December, people who live by the lake use traditional tools to catch fish in the frozen water. The lake is known as the last place where Mongolian fishing methods are still used in China
  • Dec 28, 2021 18:03 PM
    Gallery: Xi’an Tightens Covid Curbs as Cases Climb
    Xi’an, the capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, has stepped up measures to contain a Covid-19 outbreak that has caused cases to surge to 800 since Dec. 9. The city began another round of mass testing Monday, and has designated 35 more communities as risk areas, taking the total to 150. Local authorities have asked all residents to stay home
  • Dec 27, 2021 18:46 PM
    Gallery: Cold Front Blankets North China in Snow
    A cold wave swept across many parts of China, sending temperatures plunging across the country. The cold front started on Thursday in Inner Mongolia, and then moved southward, bringing the winter’s first snow to southern regions including Sichuan and Guizhou
  • Dec 24, 2021 18:30 PM
    Gallery: Santa Claus Creates Festive Atmosphere in Shanghai
    Santa Claus figures in different shapes and sizes adorn the buildings and streets of Shanghai for Christmas. Some of these figures carry huge gift bags; some are seen sitting on lamp posts, while others appear to be climbing the buildings, creating an amusing view for the tourists and locals out to enjoy the festive atmosphere
  • Dec 23, 2021 18:01 PM
    Gallery: Xi’an Locks Down Due to Covid Outbreak
    Some 13 million residents of the capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi province have been told to stay at home amid the Covid-19 outbreak that has grown to 234 cases as of Thursday. The flare-up, which started Dec. 9, has forced local authorities to kick off a third round of citywide testing, suspend transportation and seal off some districts
  • Dec 22, 2021 17:41 PM
    Gallery: China Mulls Law to Protect the Yellow River
    A new draft law on the conservation of the Yellow River, was submitted to the ongoing session of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee for deliberation on Monday. Known as the “mother river” of the Chinese nation, the Yellow River is the second-longest river in China and sixth in the world, with a length of about 5,464 kilometers. Originating in Qinghai province of Northwestern China, it flows through nine regions before emptying into the Bohai Sea
  • Dec 21, 2021 17:37 PM
    Gallery: Super Typhoon Rai Pummels Hainan Province
    Super Typhoon Rai was tracked moving northward in the South China Sea and approached Hainan province on Monday, bringing heavy rainfall and powerful winds to the island and forcing the suspension of ports in the provincial capital Haikou. The destructive typhoon caused flooding in the Philippines and Malaysia has affected hundreds of thousands of people across Southeast Asia
  • Dec 20, 2021 19:13 PM
    Gallery: Expressway Bridge Ramp Collapse Kills Four
    A bridge ramp collapsed and fell along with three trucks over an expressway Saturday in Ezhou, Central China's Hubei province, killing four and injuring eight. Online discussions about the accident focused on the overloading of the trucks and quality of the ramp. Reasons for the accident are under investigation
  • Dec 17, 2021 19:26 PM
    Gallery: Stamp Expo Marks Countdown to Olympics
    With the Beijing Winter Olympics 50 days away, an exhibition of postage stamps and other products commemorating the 2008 Summer Games and 2022 Winter Games is underway at Shougang Park in Beijing. For the occasion, Caixin has complied photos of stamps issued by China and other countries to commemorate the Olympics, a tradition that began in Greece in 1896 for the first modern Olympics
  • Dec 16, 2021 18:10 PM
    Gallery: Industry Leaders Speak at Caixin Summit
    Leaders from government, business and academia, including the director general of the Local Financial Regulatory Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, spoke Wednesday at the 12th Caixin Summit Greater Bay Area in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province. Themed ‘Reforms and Opening Up: Going Forward,’ the summit featured online and offline panel discussions and speeches on topics ranging from wealth management to technology innovation
  • Dec 15, 2021 19:02 PM
    Gallery: Tomb Confirmed as Han Emperor’s Resting Place
    A large tomb located in the village of Jiangcun on the outskirts of Xi'an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, has been confirmed as the mausoleum of Emperor Wen of the Western Han Dynasty (202 B.C.-A.D. 25), China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration said on Tuesday. The announcement has attracted wide attention online, as it counters the common belief that the emperor's mausoleum was in Fenghuangzui, a place located north of the tomb. Since 1966, China has conducted several archaeological studies to identify the real mausoleum of Emperor Wen
  • Dec 14, 2021 17:37 PM
    Gallery: Covid Keeps Tourists Away From Zhejiang Province
    Tourist attractions across Zhejiang province are bereft of visitors as a rise in virus cases has forced authorities to step up restrictions on people’s movements. Nearly 200 cases have been reported since Dec. 5 in the cities of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing, the worst affected by the current outbreak, resulting in lockdowns of some communities. At a press conference on Monday, provincial officials required the three cities to control the movement of people there until March 15
  • Dec 13, 2021 16:08 PM
    Gallery: China Remembers Nanjing Massacre Victims
    Services were held across China on Monday to mark National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims. In Nanjing, a national service took place Monday, with white flowers placed at monument sites over the weekend. China established the day in 2014 to remember the 300,000 people killed by Japanese troops during the 1937 massacre
  • Dec 10, 2021 18:53 PM
    Gallery: Photographer Maleonn’s Artwork on Display in Chengdu
    The Shanghainese artist opened his new exhibition at the Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum on Oct. 31. Born in 1972, Maleonn started his career in art in 2004, creating graphic art via photography, drawings and installations. The exhibit runs until March 31. Xiangwai Artha, an art-sharing platform, contributed to today’s gallery
  • Dec 09, 2021 18:49 PM
    Gallery: Shenzhen Airport Opens Fancy New Hall
    The 240,000-square-meter satellite hall of Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, about one-third the size of the Forbidden City, officially opened its doors Wednesday. The X-shaped hall is designed to handle 22 million passengers a year, and is connected to Terminal 3 by a rapid transit system, according to the Shenzhen government
  • Dec 08, 2021 18:28 PM
    Gallery: Crew Rescued After Chinese Ship Runs Aground
    The dry bulk carrier Xing Yuan ran aground near the Russian island of Sakhalin as it was trying to leave the port of Kholmsk during a storm Monday. The 12 crew members on board were evacuated from the ship the next day, according to a report by Russian news outlet TASS, but the vessel’s main engine was destroyed
  • Dec 07, 2021 18:21 PM
    Gallery: Scenic Western Hunan Gets High-Speed Rail Link
    The Zhangjiajie-Jishou-Huaihua high-speed railway in Central China’s Hunan province began operation on Monday. The railway connects several popular tourist destinations, including Zhangjiajie, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Fenghuang ancient town, with major cities in the region. The link aims to give a boost to local tourism
  • Dec 06, 2021 21:33 PM
    Gallery: Chinese Athletes Shine at Big Air World Cup
    China’s Su Yiming and Eileen Gu triumphed Saturday at the International Ski Federation Freeski and Snowboard World Cup in Colorado, the U.S. Su, 17, won the men’s snowboard event, becoming the first Chinese athlete to win the competition. Gu gained the top spot in the women’s Freeski by being the first woman to land a double-cork 1440. Both of the athletes will compete for China at the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
  • Dec 03, 2021 19:29 PM
    Gallery: Historic Shanghai Lanes Revamped
    The Inlet, a new cultural, artistic, and commercial complex, became Shanghai’s newest go-to hub on Tuesday when the area opened to the public with eight renovated old lanes and over 60 restored traditional stone buildings in the central commercial zone of Hongkou district, also known as ‘the birthplace of Shanghai-style culture’