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  • Mar 01, 2021 16:55 PM
    Gallery: Spring Semester Begins, for Some
    The spring semester has begun for many middle and elementary school students around China, though classes have yet to begin for many others. Authorities are staggering when schools reopen to comply with national requirements designed to avoid a resurgence in coronavirus cases
  • Feb 26, 2021 15:37 PM
    Gallery: Lantern Festival Lights Up End of Lunar New Year
    The Lantern Festival, which takes place Friday this year and marks the end of the Lunar New Year holiday, is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals. The holiday brings families and friends together, along with celebrations marked by lanterns and light shows in many parts of the country
  • Feb 24, 2021 17:37 PM
    Gallery: Metro Station Fascination
    The Shanghai Metro’s Line 15 has been up and running for more than a month without anyone driving the trains. The 26.1-mile, 30-stop line can make the claim of being the country’s longest driverless subway line to open in one go. Since operations began on Jan. 23, the line has been a magnet for visitors curious to see the unusual designs of the stations
  • Feb 23, 2021 16:36 PM
    Gallery: Spring Blooms Early
    Cherry trees are blooming early in many parts of China, drawing crowds interested in getting a taste of spring in February. Wuhan University is one of the country’s most famous spots for seeing the flowering trees, which are usually in full bloom by mid-March
  • Feb 22, 2021 16:10 PM
    Gallery: Hong Kong Receives 1 Million Doses of Sinovac Vaccine
    The first 1 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine arrived in Hong Kong on Friday, one week before the city government plans to begin inoculating all 7.5 million of its residents. The shot, developed by drugmaker Sinovac Biotech, is one of the vaccines that the city ordered amid the fourth wave of the local outbreak. Others include BioNTech and AstraZeneca’s shots
  • Feb 19, 2021 16:03 PM
    Gallery: Relaxing Measures
    Hong Kong began easing social distancing measures Thursday following a decline in new coronavirus cases, with certain businesses such as massage parlors and movie theaters allowed to reopen. For months, the city had imposed strict measures to curb the fourth wave of the local outbreak, including mandatory testing and lockdowns in some of its residential neighborhoods
  • Feb 18, 2021 17:12 PM
    Gallery: China Breaks Holiday Box Office Record
    China’s box office took in more than $1.16 billion for the last day of the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday, a new record. After the government asked the public to ‘celebrate in place’ — an effort to discourage people from traveling back home for the holiday to avoid spreading Covid-19 — going to the movies turned out to be a popular pastime
  • Feb 17, 2021 18:21 PM
    Gallery: China Gets Ready to Work as Holidays Come to an End
    People all over China began heading back to cities where they work as the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday draws to a close. This year, millions chose to visit local tourist attractions during the seven-day break instead of returning to their hometowns, as authorities called on the public to stay put and “celebrate in place” to avoid a resurgence of coronavirus cases
  • Feb 16, 2021 18:02 PM
    Gallery: Flames Engulf Centuries-Old Village
    The 400-year-old Wengding village was destroyed in a fire Sunday. The fire engulfed homes made of bamboo and straw, leading to the evacuation of hundreds of villagers, who are of the Wa ethnic minority. The fire was extinguished late that night with no fatalities reported. The cause remains under investigation
  • Feb 10, 2021 15:59 PM
    Gallery: A Vision of Past and Future Travel
    Beijing-based architecture studio MAD has unveiled its design for a new railway station project in Jiaxing, East China’s Zhejiang province. The futuristic 87-acre project, “Train Station in the Forest,” includes the rebuilding of the city’s destroyed century-old railway station, as well as renovations of the surrounding area. The project began in 2019 and is expected to be completed this July
  • Feb 09, 2021 16:10 PM
    Gallery: Covid-Closed Railway Station Reopens in North China
    Shijiazhuang’s main railway station reopened Monday after being closed for 34 days in the wake of flare-ups of the coronavirus across North China’s Hebei province. The province was home to one of the larger several outbreaks that emerged in January, leading to lockdowns in some places around the country
  • Feb 08, 2021 17:44 PM
    Gallery: China Prepares for the Year of the Ox
    With the Year of the Ox nearly upon us, people from all over China have been decorating the streets and scenic spots with lanterns and other traditional Chinese decorations, spreading festival cheer ahead of the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday
  • Feb 05, 2021 16:56 PM
    Gallery: Student Sculpted Inspiration
    Buddha, balance and an Academy Award-winning movie about a Holocaust survivor are some of the inspirations for the work of five young, aspiring Chinese artists. Xiangwai Artha, an arts sharing platform, contributed to the gallery.
  • Feb 02, 2021 17:17 PM
    Gallery: Millions Stay Put Ahead of China’s Second Lunar New Year Under Covid-19
    As the second Lunar New Year under the coronavirus arrives, many people are restricted from traveling. This holiday, across the country, some people are making do by sticking to their posts in an atmosphere of continued health and safety concerns
  • Feb 01, 2021 18:09 PM
    Gallery: WHO Team Begins Wuhan Covid-19 Probe
    A team of World Health Organization experts has begun investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic in the city of Wuhan after finishing a 14-day quarantine. On Sunday, more than a dozen experts visited a market to investigate how local workers process imported cold-chain food, as well as the city’s Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where the first few coronavirus cases were detected in late 2019
  • Jan 29, 2021 17:05 PM
    Gallery: Through the Lens of Time
    Photographer Jin Yongquan spent 20 years collecting more than 30,000 photos of people he didn’t know for a book about daily life in China in the second half of the last century. The book, ‘Unnamed Photos,’ which contains about 1,500 of Jin’s collection, aims to paint a complete picture of Chinese life from the 1950s to the 1980s
  • Jan 27, 2021 16:20 PM
    Gallery: Hong Kong Neighborhood Locked Down Again
    Hong Kong locked down part of its Yau Ma Tei neighborhood Tuesday following the emergence of dozens of new Covid-19 cases. Hundreds of residents living in the area have been required to stay at home until they have tested negative for the virus. It is the second time that local authorities have sealed off the area to curb the spread of the coronavirus
  • Jan 26, 2021 17:09 PM
    Gallery: Masses in Transit
    China’s Lunar New Year travel rush will officially begin Thursday, with travelers expected to make about 1.7 billion trips during the annual 40-day migration. However, local officials in many places have called on people to stay in the cities where they work and avoid unnecessary travel due to the recent Covid-19 flare-ups across the country
  • Jan 25, 2021 15:09 PM
    Gallery: Saving the Softshell Species
    A female Yangtze giant softshell turtle, one of the world’s largest freshwater species — as well as one of the rarest — has been discovered in Dong Mo Lake in Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi, bringing a new hope to conservationists who have spent years working on how to save the species from extinction. Before the finding, there were only three Yangtze giant softshell turtles known in the world, including one in eastern China and two in Vietnam
  • Jan 22, 2021 16:57 PM
    Gallery: U.S. Artist’s Childhood Dreams Animate Shanghai
    An exhibition of the work of American conceptual artist Alex Da Corte recently closed in Shanghai. The exhibition, ‘Rubber Pencil Devil,’ was inspired by an eponymous video that Da Corte made in 2018. One of the exhibition’s highlights were the images of American cartoon characters, including the Pink Panther and Sylvester the cat