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  • Sep 06, 2021 17:05 PM
    Gallery: China Tops Tokyo Paralympics With 207 Medals
    China topped the medal tally at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics with 96 gold, 60 silver and 51 bronze, marking the fifth consecutive year the country took home the most medals at the Games. The country’s athletes stood out in track and field, with Wen Xiaoyuan claiming three gold medals and Li Chaoyan setting a new record. Zhang Xuemei, China's wheelchair basketball player, was the flag bearer of the China delegation at Sunday’s closing ceremony
  • Sep 03, 2021 20:46 PM
    Gallery: Reborn Beijing Iron Factory Hosts Trade Fair
    Beijing’s Shougang park will host eight themed exhibitions and forums of the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services that started on Thursday. The park, which used to be an abandoned iron-producing site owned by China's largest steelmaker Shougang Group has been turned into a landscape complex after years of renovation efforts
  • Sep 02, 2021 18:46 PM
    Gallery: China’s Legendary Volleyball Coach Resigns
    Lang Ping, head coach of the Chinese women’s national volleyball team, announced her resignation Wednesday. Lang, also known as the ‘Iron Hammer,’ joined the national team at 18 and became one of its lead spikers. She started her coaching career in 1986, right after retiring as a player, and led her team to victory all over the world, making her one of the most respected athletes in China’s sporting history
  • Sep 01, 2021 17:36 PM
    Gallery: Stunning Views of Earth From Shenzhou-12
    The China Manned Space Engineering Office released a series of photos taken by Shenzhou-12 crew members on Tuesday, attracting great interest online. The aerial photos present overhead views of different continents as seen from space, including the Ethiopian highlands and the Pacific Ocean. Crew members completed their second spacewalk on Aug. 20. The three astronauts — Tang Hongbo, Nie Haisheng, and Liu Boming — are set to return to Earth in mid-September
  • Aug 31, 2021 17:31 PM
    Gallery: Some Schools Open as Delta Threat Wanes
    Some students at primary and middle schools are returning to classes for the new semester, after the latest delta outbreak has been brought under control in provinces like Jiangsu and Anhui. In some places, students must take Covid-19 tests before returning to school, while many campuses have disinfected classrooms and canteens. Besides, Beijing city has adjusted class times in response to new regulations on easing students' pressure, a local government spokesperson said Tuesday
  • Aug 30, 2021 16:41 PM
    Gallery: Chengdu Motor Show Draws 120 Auto Brands
    Over 120 domestic and foreign automobile brands with some 1,600 vehicles are attending the Chengdu Motor Show 2021, which opened Saturday in Southwest China’s Sichuan province and runs until Sept. 7. Launched in 1998, the show is one of the top four automobile exhibitions in China
  • Aug 27, 2021 17:32 PM
    Gallery: The Architect Devoted to Preservation
    Tsinghua University is running an exhibit on the work of Liang Sicheng, the famed Chinese architect. The exhibit, which runs until Oct. 20, focuses on his contributions to the protection of heritage buildings. It features 362 drafts, images, and pieces of writing related to the late architectural historian
  • Aug 26, 2021 17:06 PM
    Gallery: Fencers Push China to Second Spot at Paralympics
    China claimed second spot in the medals tally at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Wednesday, with five gold, one silver, and two bronze. After Wang Xiaomei won silver, the country’s first medal of the games, in women's individual track cycling, the wheelchair fencers swept saber terrain by winning four gold and two bronze. Zhang Li battled back from behind to win women's S5 200-meter freestyle
  • Aug 25, 2021 17:59 PM
    Gallery: Universal’s Beijing Theme Park Ready for Trial Run
    The Universal Beijing Resort is set to begin a trial run on Sept. 1, inviting guests to test entertainment facilities and services. Announced in 2014 and located in Tongzhou district of Beijing, the resort occupies an area of four square kilometers and features seven themed sections, two hotels, and one city walk, making it the largest theme park of Universal Studio
  • Aug 24, 2021 17:16 PM
    Gallery: Life Goes on Despite Downpours Across China
    Heavy rains have continued to bombard the country, submerging roads and disrupting traffic. Continuous rainfall has flooded parts of cities like Lianyungang in East China’s Jiangsu province. Severe rain across much of southern and northern China will continue to affect towns and cities in 11 provinces, the National Meteorological Center said Tuesday morning
  • Aug 23, 2021 18:15 PM
    Gallery: Harbin’s Songhua River Floods Early This Fall
    The capital of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province saw parks and roads submerged this weekend as its main waterway broke its banks. Notorious for flooding, the river again broke its banks over the weekend, reaching the warning level of 118.3 meters at 2 a.m. Saturday. The flood peaked at 118.4 meters above sea level on Sunday, before dropping back down on Monday
  • Aug 20, 2021 17:43 PM
    Gallery: Qingdao’s Historical Buildings Get a New Look
    Century-old buildings on Shangjieli Silver Fish Street in a historical part of the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao have received a makeover, as part of a government plan to speed up the renovation of old communities. The street, located near Qingdao's railway station, is home to some of the earliest buildings constructed during the German occupation of the city in the early 20th century
  • Aug 19, 2021 15:52 PM
    Gallery: Delta Deals a Blow to Day Laborers
    Informal workers in Zhengzhou, the capital of Central China’s Henan province, have had to move out of their homes and live on the streets to be able to look for work more freely, as measures to curb the latest Covid-19 outbreak have restricted movement and reduced job opportunities. The local government eased restrictions Wednesday in some locked-down neighborhoods, but in areas like Erqi district, where over 17,000 people have been quarantined at home, controls are still in place. The city reported no new cases Wednesday
  • Aug 18, 2021 16:38 PM
    Gallery: Central China Town Rebuilds After Flooding
    Reconstruction work is underway in the town of Liulin in Central China’s Hubei province, after heavy rains lashed the town on Aug. 13. According to media reports, the flood destroyed about 2,700 stores, 11 kilometers of roads, and 725 electricity poles in the town. The local government has organized rescue teams to clean up the area, repair damaged facilities and relocate victims
  • Aug 17, 2021 16:54 PM
    Gallery: Rescuers Search for 19 Trapped in Northwest China Mine
    The workers were trapped when the coal mine in Qinghai province was flooded by mud on Saturday. As of 9 p.m. Monday, one miner had been rescued and another had died. Incessant rain, high altitude, and wet soil are making the rescue more difficult. The province had officially suspended work at the mine on Aug. 2, the authorities said at the press conference Sunday
  • Aug 16, 2021 15:34 PM
    Gallery: East China’s Nanjing Eases Covid Curbs
    Nanjing, the capital of East China's Jiangsu province, has lifted lockdowns in multiple communities after recording no new Covid-19 cases since Friday. Local authorities downgraded the risk level of Lukou Road in Jiangning district on Sunday from high to medium, which means the city no longer has any areas designated as high risk. Routine prevention measures like disinfection will continue despite the easing of restrictions
  • Aug 13, 2021 16:22 PM
    Gallery: Deadly Rain Hits Central China Province
    Heavy downpours lashed Central China's Hubei province starting Wednesday, resulting in flooded roads and damaged public facilities. In Liulin town of Suizhou city, the flooding killed 21 people, with four missing. Parts of Xiangyang city recorded up to 484 millimeters (19 inches) of rain. Local authorities have organized rescue teams and upgraded emergency response levels to cope with the situation
  • Aug 12, 2021 17:17 PM
    Gallery: On World Elephant Day, Wandering Herd Heads Home
    World Elephant Day, created in 2011 to raise awareness about the protection of the animals and their habitat, clearly belongs to the wild herd that became an online sensation for taking a 500-kilometer journey from their home in Xishuangbanna in the southwestern province of Yunnan. After mesmerizing the public and causing immense economic damage during their 17-month trip, the herd is on its way back home
  • Aug 11, 2021 17:16 PM
    Gallery: Chinese Fans Mourn Beloved Opera Star
    People mourned Wang Wenjuan, a well-known Yue Opera actor, at a ceremony Tuesday in Shanghai following her death Friday at the age of 95. Although the ceremony was not announced publicly due to Covid-19, people gathered spontaneously to bid farewell to the beloved performer. Wang played many characters in her career, including Lin Daiyu in the classic opera ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’ in 1962, winning the hearts of audiences
  • Aug 10, 2021 17:22 PM
    Gallery: Beijing’s Private Tutors Close Up Shop
    Multiple private education institutions have shuttered their facilities at the E-Wing Center in the capital’s Haidian district since new rules concerning after-school tutoring companies took effect. The rules prevent the enterprises from teaching core curriculum during weekends and vacations and hiring foreigners based outside China as teachers, raising questions about the survival of these businesses