War in Ukraine

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Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has sent shockwaves across the globe.

Cover Story: The Beginning of the End of the Post-Cold War World Order

Russia’s attack on Ukraine grows out of growing unease over NATO’s eastward expansion in the decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union

05 24, 2023 18:07 PM

Dutch Foreign Minister Sees ‘Pivotal Role’ for China in Ukraine

At a meeting in Beijing, Wopke Hoekstra underscored the Asian nation’s importance in resolving global conflicts, while pressing his counterpart for more balanced trade relations

05 23, 2023 19:27 PM

Natural Gas Prices in Asia Fall to Pre-Ukraine War Levels on China Shift

The spot price for LNG, as calculated by data provider Refinitiv, is down about 90% from a high of around $70 last summer

05 23, 2023 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Fell 1.52% on Tuesday

Shenzhen Component Index closed down 1.03%

05 23, 2023 09:03 AM

CX Daily: China’s Effort to Move Mountain of ‘Hidden Debt’ Faces Uphill Climb

China strongly opposes the G-7 communique. The country upgrades a cross-border funds pilot program for multinationals

05 22, 2023 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Rose 0.39% on Monday

Shenzhen Component Index closed up 0.32%

05 20, 2023 19:32 PM

China-Russia Trade Dominates European Rail Freight As Ukraine War Drags On

The number of freight trains travelling between China and Russia has surged, hauling 90% of the goods traded with Europe

05 19, 2023 16:26 PM

China Surpasses Japan as World’s Top Auto Exporter

Chinese overseas vehicle shipments for the January-March period reached 1.07 million, while Japan’s came in at 950,000, data shows

05 19, 2023 09:55 AM

CX Daily: Court Ruling Sets Off Debate About Bond Fraud Compensation

Chinese peace envoy meets with Zelenskyy in Ukraine. China inaugurates a new national financial regulator

05 18, 2023 19:36 PM

Chinese Peace Envoy Meets Zelenskyy in Ukraine

Li Hui also spoke with other senior Ukrainian officials during a two-day visit to the war-torn country

05 15, 2023 06:03 AM

Cover Story: Chinese Exporters Turn Toward Emerging Markets

The developing countries of the Belt and Road initiative are replacing developed nations of the West

05 13, 2023 19:15 PM

Update: China Adds Vladivostok as Transit Hub for Domestic Shipments From Northeast Province

From June, goods from Jilin can be shipped through Russia’s main Pacific port Vladivostok

05 10, 2023 17:28 PM

Gallery: Russia Commemorates Triumph Over Nazis

Russia held a military parade Tuesday in Moscow’s Red Square to mark the 78th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany during World War II. But with the country locked in conflict in Ukraine, the annual airshow was canceled and less materiel was on display than in previous years. Putin delivered a speech in which he criticized Western countries, while other national leaders including Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev were in attendance

05 10, 2023 13:22 PM

China Warns of ‘Strong’ Reaction If EU Sanctions Its Companies

The bloc has proposed extending strict trade restrictions on firms supplying Russia with so-called dual-use goods

05 06, 2023 18:37 PM

China’s Newly Installed Solar Capacity, Module Exports Jump in Q1

Grid-connected solar power expanded by 155%, while overseas module shipments grew almost 40% on strong Europe demand

05 06, 2023 10:30 AM

Weekend Long Read: Monetizing the Global Digital Services Market

Devising the right economic and technology strategy is imperative in 2023, and amid the economic and geopolitical tumult there is one particular bright spot, the digital economy, says former Asian central banker

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