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The Chinese government has been going through one of the largest reshuffles in its recent history, as the country strives for greater efficiency in economic, social and environmental management through the reallocation of power.

Approval of Sweeping Government Overhaul to Address Nation’s Issues

Move will boost coordination among State Council, Communist Party, military, experts say

06 05, 2020 19:16 下午

Officials Investigate Stabbing That Left 40 Wounded at Guangxi Primary School

Three wounded in the Thursday incident were in critical condition, including the school’s principal

06 04, 2020 13:54 下午

Caixin Insight: New Infrastructure and Old Street Stalls

Hainan free trade zone; Caixin economic indexes; new infrastructure; street-stall economy; moderate prosperity

06 03, 2020 16:04 下午

How Coronavirus Could Deepen China’s Gap Between Urban and Rural Education

Isolated rural communities fear digital and wealth divide has disproportionately impacted local schooling

06 03, 2020 04:07 上午

China Turns Up Full Power to Help Small Businesses Get Financing

Banks more than triple bond sales to $38.74 billion in first five months raising cash for loans to small and micro enterprises with full government support and abundant market liquidity

06 02, 2020 21:01 下午

China Unveils Plan to Transform Its Hawaiian Paradise

Forget the golden beaches and coconuts, Hainan island is destined for a new role as an international free trade port

06 01, 2020 20:30 下午

70% of Fans Believe China’s Cinemas Safe If They Reopen in June

But poll shows many others are concerned about risk as theaters stay shuttered

05 28, 2020 21:14 下午

Caixin Insight: ‘Six Guarantees’ Instead of Six Percent

Historic meetings saw China forego its GDP growth target amid Covid-19 pandemic

05 28, 2020 04:35 上午

Alibaba-Backed MYbank to Offer Nearly $700 Million of Perpetual Bonds

First regulatory approval for a private lender signals that more such banks will be cleared to recapitalize via low-cost, like-equity perpetual debt instruments

05 27, 2020 05:12 上午

In Depth: How Chinese Companies Can Get Off Social Credit Blacklists

Ease of clearing online records of wrongdoing undermines six-year-old system intended to help track unscrupulous businesses, critics say; the murky role of the NDRC’s Document 527

05 26, 2020 20:01 下午

China Development Bank Backs Greater Bay Area With $50 Billion Lending Pledge

Policy lender says credit will be focused on strategic emerging industries, infrastructure

05 25, 2020 20:11 下午

Foreign Minister Talks Tough on U.S., Defends WHO, Promotes EU Cooperation

Wang Yi addressed some of today’s thorniest global issues during a wide-ranging press conference on the sidelines of NPC meeting

05 25, 2020 16:55 下午

Editorial: For a Pandemic-Battered Economy, Reform Is the Answer

This year’s government work report recognizes that China’s market systems are not yet comprehensive enough and efforts to foster markets remain inadequate

05 22, 2020 21:43 下午

Update: China’s Legislature Takes Up Draft of National Security Law on Hong Kong

The bill plans to establish a legal framework and implementation mechanism, including allowing national security organs of the central government to set up agencies in Hong Kong for enforcement

05 22, 2020 21:35 下午

Update: China Scraps GDP Growth Target, Boosts Budget Deficit Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Premier Li Keqiang announced the news in his report to the National People’s Congress, laying out the government’s priorities for the rest of 2020

05 21, 2020 21:11 下午

China Business Digest: Top Legislature to Discuss Security Legislation for Hong Kong; China’s CanSino to Develop Second Vaccine With Canadian Partner

Covid-19 victims top 5 million; Chinese stocks sag on Wall Street as Senate demands transparency; cruise operators need support, political adviser says

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