Gene-Edited Baby

A Chinese researcher's claim to have engineered the world's first gene-edited baby has set off a firestorm around the globe over ethics of the test and possible unknown consequences

Baby Gene-Editing Breakthrough Claim Slammed

Experts have criticized a world-first attempt to produce human babies with HIV resistance as dangerous and irresponsible

12 18, 2018 18:47 PM

Podcast: China Biz Roundup, Dec. 18, 2018

Application for gene-edited babies experiment rejected, plan for Google's China search engine a no-go, angry Ofo riders queue for refunds, and more

12 18, 2018 18:31 PM

Researcher Dodged Questions on Ethics of Gene-Editing Experiment

Rejected clinical trial registration shows He Jiankui's team failed to answer questions on ethical review, informed consent, and who was paying

12 17, 2018 13:57 PM

Letter: How China’s Penchant for Eugenics Led to CRISPR Babies

The nation’s widespread ableism has created a vulnerable population ripe for exploitation by fame-hungry predators like He Jiankui

12 03, 2018 18:23 PM

Monday Tech Briefing: 11 Charged With Selling Samsung Tech to China

Fresh details in CEO rape allegation, Huawei sees big potential in India

12 03, 2018 15:25 PM

Opinion: Editing Babies’ Genes and the Pitfalls of Life Sciences Publicity

Marketing is tricky for life sciences researchers and companies, as China's Dr. He Jiankui learned after he claimed a baby gene-editing breakthrough

12 01, 2018 04:38 AM

Gene-Editing Scientist Funded by Putian-Linked Investors

He Jiankui’s biotech startups raised capital from Amer International, which has ties to controversial Putian network of private hospitals

11 29, 2018 19:29 PM

Gene Summit Scientists Question Legality, Ethics of Human DNA Experiment

Researchers present for He Jiankui’s landmark speech shared their reactions with Caixin

11 29, 2018 17:21 PM

Thursday Tech Briefing: Xiaomi Partners With Ikea on Smart Lighting

iQiyi plans convertible bond sale, genetics labs boom across China, new campaign seeks to shut down Google’s Dragonfly

11 29, 2018 07:34 AM

Genetics Industrial Parks Boom Across China

As China aims to lead the world in genetics technology, development centers spring up in a half-dozen locations

11 28, 2018 19:40 PM

He Jiankui Used AIDS Network to Recruit 200 Couples for Gene-Editing Experiment

Scientist picked organization because it connects HIV-positive people with fertility issues

11 28, 2018 19:40 PM

Scientist Defends His Human Gene-Editing Experiment, Says More to Come

At a genetics conference, He Jiankui said he was proud of his work, which has been met with a chorus of condemnation from around the world

11 28, 2018 18:13 PM

Wednesday Tech Briefing: Chinese Transport Authorities Punish Didi After All

Investigation launched into baby DNA editing claims, eight get jail time for Ctrip day-care abuse

11 27, 2018 20:15 PM

Investigation Launched Into Baby DNA Editing Claims

Guangdong’s provincial health authorities are investigating the human gene-editing claims that have sent shockwaves around the world

11 27, 2018 20:14 PM

CRISPR Inventor Condemns Chinese Gene-Editing Experiment

Chinese-American scientist Feng Zhang has called for a moratorium on the kind of experiment He Jiankui and his team claim to have done

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