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A new virus is fast infecting the world, creating one of the biggest global health crises since Ebola and SARS.

Editor: Lin Jinbing. Producer: Yu Zhuyangyang

Cover Story: Shanghai Fights a New Covid Enemy With Old Weapons

China’s playbook of lockdowns, mass testing and quarantines can’t keep up with BA.2 variant as city experiences shortages of food and medical care

03 25, 2023 03:24 AM

Meituan’s Revenue Jumped After Covid Boosted Meal Delivery

Sales rose 21% in December quarter, beating estimates, and loss narrowed as world’s largest meal delivery service braces for post-pandemic changes

03 11, 2023 03:13 AM

China Consumer Spending Shows Strong Signs of Rebounding

With export demand weakening, Chinese consumers will need to drive the economy with more restaurant meals, travel and car purchases

03 10, 2023 20:05 PM

In Depth: Core of Guangzhou’s Textile Industry Is Being Shattered

The city is relocating parts of Zhongda market, a decades-old fabric trading and manufacturing hub, 100 kilometers away and not everyone is on board

03 01, 2023 05:41 AM

Japan Opens up to Chinese Tourists, But Can It Handle the Rush?

Eighty percent of hotels short-staffed as country sees 84 times as many overseas visitors

02 17, 2023 13:00 PM

Weekly Must-Read: China’s Hunt for Strategic New Energy Minerals

Pursuit of key minerals intensifies as U.S., Canada and Australia restrict Chinese access to “strategic” materials

02 16, 2023 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Fell 0.96% on Thursday

Shenzhen Component Index closed down 1.3%

02 15, 2023 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Fell 0.39% on Wednesday

Shenzhen Component Index closed down 0.25%

02 15, 2023 06:10 AM

Analysis: What Will Drive Pfizer’s Growth After Covid?

Coronavirus vaccines and treatments fueled the drug giant’s global revenue surge to over $100 billion last year while other products stagnated

02 10, 2023 05:50 AM

Chinese Cities Offer Covid Antibody Tests as Outbreak Wanes

In central China’s Hunan province, $5 test offers to evaluate people’s antibody levels and risk of reinfection, authorities say

02 06, 2023 20:44 PM

Lunar New Year Rail Traffic Surges Near Pre-Pandemic Levels

Some 102 million passenger trips were made on the country’s railways between Jan. 22 and Feb. 1

01 28, 2023 06:08 AM

Apple’s iPhone Dominated China Last Quarter Despite Disruptions

In the fourth quarter, the California tech giant seized 24% of China’s smartphone sales, topping all manufacturers

01 17, 2023 22:22 PM

Update: China Posts Second-Slowest Annual Economic Growth in Decades

GDP expanded 3% in 2022, missing the government’s ‘around 5.5%’ target as expected, with expectations muted for a quick recovery amid surging Covid infections and ongoing property crisis

01 17, 2023 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Fell 0.1% on Tuesday

Shenzhen Component Index closed up 0.13%

01 17, 2023 03:46 AM

Air Traffic May Be Back to Normal by June on China Rebound

At airline economics forum, plane leasing companies project completion of global recovery this year after three years of pandemic disruptions

01 16, 2023 20:14 PM

China Runs Short of Anti-Immune Deficiency Drug as Covid Panic Buying Clears Shelves

Prices have skyrocketed for intravenous immunoglobulin, which is crucial for treating those with chronic immunodeficiencies, putting their lives at risk

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